Astromandir Gemstone Policy

Navaratna - Nine Gems

Buy a Natural, Sattvik Gemstones

  1. Astro Journey gemstone division is headed by internationally acclaimed Gemologist Guruji Shrii Arnav. He is a qualified Accredited Jewellery Professional from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) the worlds leading authority in Gemology and also the member of the esteemed Planetary Gemologists Association-Thailand.

  2. Astro Journey is also a member of Gemstones and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Government of India. Astro Journey exports fine numbered gemstones to all countries of the world.

  3. On Request Astro Journey provides natural, untreated, clean, flawless, non heated, non coloured gemstones from the best mines all over the world.

  4. All Astro Journey gemstones come with a receipt on which the following are clearly mentioned:

    1. Name/Code of the Gemstone

    2. Rate per carat

    3. Date of Sale

    4. Weight of the Gemstone

  5. All gemstones are issued a certificate of authenticity by Government of India representatives and are then certified and appraised by the Reserve Bank of India before being sent to the individuals. The RBI sends the selected gemstones to the individual after proper insurance.

  6. Gold used for setting of the Gemstones is certified 22KDM Gold. There is a seal for 22KDM on all Astro Journey Gold Rings. Silver used in setting of Gemstones is sterling silver 92.5 the purest form for ornamental silver.