Choosing the Right Gemstone

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshvar,
Guru Sakshat Par Brahm Tasme Shree Gurve Namah

It is very important to choose the key gemstone that would help an individual in all affairs. There are several methods by which gemstones are advised to individuals. Some are of the opinion that Gemstones be prescribed for planets having a malefic influence on the individual. Others say that Gemstones be prescribed for planets that are having a benefic influence on the individual. There are other methods too. Experience shows it that Gemstones should be advised for planets that assume a key role in the chart and cast a benefic influence on the individual. This subject calls for lot of independent research. Here is a basic method that would be applicable in most of the cases.

  1. Look at the ascendant Lord. This planet is the most important planet and generally controls everything in an individualís life and most importantly health. If health is Gone then everything is Gone. The Ascendant Lord should be given the first priority in all cases.

  2. Look at the key planets for the ascendant.,. For example for the Aries Ascendant Jupiter is a Key planet. If Jupiter is occupying Friendly signs, is in exaltation or is occupying the auspicious houses then Jupiterís Gemstone i.e., the Yellow Sapphire be advised to the native.

  3. Gemstones of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses be avoided if they do not own a trine.

  4. Gemstones for planets that are in debilitation should be avoided.

  5. Examination should be made of the Major period. If the Lord of the Major period qualifies on the above four criteria then its gemstone be advised.

  6. Combinations of Gemstones are allowed provided they are not enemies to each other. For example wearing a Ruby as well as a blue Sapphire is not advisable.

  7. Lord of the ascendant ,fifth house and ninth house invariably are good for the native if placed well. Their gemstones should be considered.

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Gemstone Analysis - Case I (Male)

Let us look at the most beneficial planets for this individual. Venus is the Lord of the ascendant and also the lord of the Sixth House. Venus is placed in the 12th house a house considered good for Venus but in Aries Venus is placed in the Sign of Mars which is itís enemy. Now check the Lord of the fifth House i.e., Mercury. Mercury in addition to being the Lord of the fifth house is also the Lord of 2nd house (Death Inflicting House). Mercury is placed in the 11th house in Pisces a sign of Jupiter. Mercury .Let us look at Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of the 9th house the house of fate and the Lord of 10th House the house of Profession. Saturn hence is the most powerful planet for the Taurus ascendant being the Lord of a trine and a quadrant. It is a Yoga karaka planet for this ascendant. Next look at the position of Saturn. Saturn is placed in the 4th house the house of Land, mother and worldly pleasures. Over here Saturn is placed in enemyís sign .Leo is the sign of Sun and Sun is the enemy of Saturn. The major period of Saturn for this individual started two tears ago. He was advised wear a Blue Sapphire of 5 carats in the middle finger of the right hand in alloy. The gemstone suited him and he is living with peace and prosperity. He will prosper in Saturnís Dasha.

Gemstone Analysis - Case II (Female)

The ascendant lord is Mercury. Note that Mercury is also the Lord of the 10th house. Hence by the virtue of owning two Kendraís he suffers from Kendradhipati Dosha hence is rendered weak and does not give the effects of the two houses in a complete manner. Still these are very important houses in the chart and Mercury will give its effect. Mercury is placed in the 2nd house in Libra which is the sign of its friend Venus. Here Mercury is creating the Lakshmi Yoga and is capable of creating affluence. Note the position of moon in Gemini in the 10th house. The ladyís moon sign is Gemini again a sign ruled by Mercury. Hence Mercury plays a very important role in the Ladyís life despite Venus classified as a Yoga karaka Planet for Virgo ascendant. This Lady is Passing through the major period of Saturn and the sub period of Mercury .Hence emerald is the key stone for the native and she should give precedence to emerald over any other planetary gemstone. Saturn is the Lord of the fifth house and also the sixth house. Sixth house is the house of diseases and enemies and is placed in 12 house again an inauspicious house. Though Saturn is causing the Vipareeta Raja Yoga it is not advisable to give strength to Saturn .Since the native is undergoing the major period of Saturn it is best to pacify it by chanting his mantra, donation to poor people etc. Note the ninth House. the Lord of the ninth house is Venus who is also the Lord of the 2nd house. It is placed in the 2nd house in own sign .It has a good placement but Venus major period is far off. The Single key gemstone for this Lady would be emerald. Incidentally this Lady is a Finance Manager in a Leading Consultancy firm (A Area Ruled by Mercury)

Hence all factors should be considered before wearing a gemstone. Wearing the right gemstone brings about Peace and Prosperity.