Remedies for the Manglik Dosha/Manglik Dosh
matsya avatara, lord mahavishnu

Lord Mahavishnu As the Matsya Avatara

Following are the remedial measures for the Manglik Dosha. If done properly good results will follow:

  1. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily.

  2. From the first Tuesday of a new month in a rising moon period Start a fast.

  3. From a Tuesday start chanting the Sunder Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days continuously. Success assured. All wishes will be fulfilled.

  4. Daily chant the Gayatri Mantra for 108 times continuously daily.

  5. Wear a blood red coral in gold in the ring finger of right hand while chanting the mantra OM KRAAM KREEM KROUM SAH BHOMAY NAMAH.

    Wear the red coral after getting your horoscope analyzed from a good astrologer.

  6. Worship Lord Hanuman with the mantra:OM SHREEM HANUMATE NAMAH.Go to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer sweets ,sindoor and light a ghee lamp.

  7. Donate blood on a Tuesday every three months if health permits.

  8. Donate red clothes to workers who work with sharp iron articles.

  9. Perform the mangal Sadhana on a triangular mangal Yantra along with the mangal stotra (Prayer to mangal).

  10. If Manglik Dosha is the cause of your not getting married then in that case do the fast as described above and along with it feed ants with wheat flour on that day. Success is sure.

  11. Perform the Hanumant Sadhana on a Hanumant Yantra.

    You can do any one of the remedies or use a combination of remedies. Remedies number 5, 9, 11 should be done after taking proper guidance. As soon as you start the remedies the good results will follow. As far as practical experience goes the best remedy for the Manglik Dosha is chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa and recitation of the Sunder Kand.