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Rudraksh Aware Program

Astro Journey is starting the Rudraksh Aware program in an attempt to increase the knowledge of individuals about these holy beads and providing genuine Rudraksha beads all throughout the world. Astro Journey is specifically looking for partners in United States (all states), Germany, Netherlands, UK and all parts of Europe.

Objectives of Rudraksh Aware Program:

  1. To distribute genuine Rudraksh beads to individuals all throughout the world.

  2. Prevent artificial price rise and protect people from unscrupulous dealers engaged in such activity.

  3. Conduct research on Rudraksha beads in leading science institutes and establish credibility.

  4. Inform individuals about the medicinal value of these beads and help humanity in every way.

  5. Stabilize prices of Rudraksha beads such that no one is charged astronomical prices and everybody is able to reap benefits of the Rudraksha beads.

  6. No partner will sell the beads at a rate higher than that listed on the Astro Journey website.

Rudraksh Aware Program: Astro Journey Partner

  1. Anyone can be An Astro journey partner. Individuals, partnership firms and independent business houses are eligible to apply.

  2. Once Astro Journey receives the filled form it will analyze your suitability to be An Astro Journey partner.

  3. Astro Journey will provide Astro Journey certified Rudraksha beads to partners.

  4. Astro Journey will provide the necessary literature on the Rudraksha beads.

  5. Astro Journey will provide Astro Journey Partners with necessary research results time to time.

  6. Astro Journey will list it's official partners and their addresses on the website.

  7. Astro Journey will issue a certificate in your name certifying you to be An Astro Journey Partner.

  8. Astro Journey will provide authentic beads at attractive rates to partners.

What you have to do:

  1. Apply for the correct form. There is a different form for individuals and a different form for firms. The application for fee for individuals is $25 and for firms is $35 (This is one time non refundable fee).

  2. Once you have applied for the form Astro Journey will send it to you. Along with other necessary details and terms of partnership.

  3. You have to complete the form and send it to Astro Journey.

  4. Astro Journey will analyze your statement of purpose and suitability. Once that is done you will be issued the Astro Journey partner certificate.

For Individuals

For Firms