The Shield of Mahamrityunjaya mantra-Mahamrityunjay Mantra - The Panacea for diseases and adverse planets
Mahamrityunjaya yantra

Mother Kali - The slayer of Evil

!!! Chanting the mantras correctly gives peace and Prosperity !!!!

The Mahamrityunjaya Yantra of Lord Shiva

There have been various remedial measures that have been prescribed in the Shastras to propiate Saturn and to get his blessings. These remedial measures are being disclosed over here so that individuals can get help. But before you actually do these study the character of Saturn and then think what he actually wants from you. Be like what Saturn wants you to be and then you will see the remedial measures giving benefits to you. A word of caution remember these should be performed by you only and not some hired person because Saturn is not interested in getting these remedial measures he wants devotion and truthfulness from you. Self help is the best help. Another thing if you are not sure about the pronunciation of a mantra (Chant) then you should consult some person who actually knows to pronounce the mantra. And you should also know the meaning of the mantra. Here the Mahamrityunjaya mantra is being explained in detail.

Mahamrityunjaya mantra is one of the Two Great mantras explained in the Vedas. The other being the Gayatri. It is basically chanted when one is having physical and mental ailments. It also helps in bringing about peace and tranquility to the mind. Daityaguru Shukraacharya (The preceptor of the Asuras used the Amrit Sanjeevni Vidya) to bring life to the demons who had been slayed in war using this mantra

Remedy number 1: Chanting of the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra - Mrityunjay is another name of Lord Shiva. Saturn worships Lord Shiva. Besides this mantra is also very powerful in overcoming health problems. Even seemingly impossible to cure health problems have been cured with this mantra. The mantra is:

"Om triayambakam yaja mahe sugandhim pusthi vardhanam.Urvarukamiva bhandhanat mrutyhor mukshiya ma amritat"

Meaning: I worship the three eyed lord Shiva, who is full of fragrance and who nourishes everybody with health and vitality. May he liberate me from Death and not from immortality: Just as the same way a pumpkin is severed from it's bondage from the creeper.

If it is difficult for you to pronounce the above mantra then you can chant the short form of the above mantra. It will also bring about the desired results. The laghu Mahamriyutnjaya(short form) also known as the pandashakshri mantra goes like this:

"Om Joom Sah (Mam) palay palay sah joom om"

Note: If you are doing the mantra not for yourself but for your loved one or your loved ones then replace the word mam with the person who is having the disease. For e.g. if you are chanting the mantra for an individual named as john the mantra will be: "Om joom Sah John Palay Palay sah joom Om".

mam as in mum

How to practice the mantra:

The mantra should be chanted while facing the east or the north direction. You should use a Rudraksha Rosary and use the middle finger and the thumb to move the beads. Keep a copper vessel full of water in front of you. When you complete chanting the mantra i.e., repeating the mantra for 108 times then drink the water. This practice can be started on a Monday. Also sprinkle some water around some house while chanting the mantra. This will ensure that the negative energy around your house is destroyed bringing you much calm and peace

Benefit and advantages of the mantra:

This mantra emits divine positive vibrations and creates a divine Armour (Kavacha) around you. This Armour saves you from diseases and the negative influences. This mantra will cure your ailments internally and help you override harsh circumstances. It will rejuvenate you no end.You have to always reflect while chanting the mantra that Shiva is curing you.

This mantra will show greater powers if chanted on the mahamrityunjaya yantra. You can download this Yantra from this page itself. Light incense in front of the Yantra and then practice the mantra

!!! Chanting the mantras correctly gives peace and Prosperity !!!!