Ruby - The Sun Gem
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Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshvar,
Guru Sakshat Par Brahm Tasme Shree Gurve Namah

In the Navagraha system of Planetary Gemology Ruby is the Gemstone that is used to enhance the powers of the Sun. The Sun is the vital life force and represents the Soul of the Kalpurusha. An individual whoís Sun is well placed in the birth chart can never be unsuccessful. He will always be in limelight whether as a Union Leader or a statesman.

Ruby gemstone is not Suitable for everyone. Here we will analyze the suitability of Ruby gem stones for the 12 ascendants from Aries to Pieces.

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Aries Ascendant/Mesha Rashi 

Sun becomes the fifth Lord and hence is very auspicious. Sun placed in the Ascendant in Exaltation or 5th House in own sign gives miraculous effects. In such cases wearing Ruby gemstone will bring in Special benefits especially if one is in Government service. Sun will also give good results in sixth house, 11th house and the 3rd house. Individuals with such placement should go ahead and wear a Ruby. Individuals with Sun in 11th house in Aries ascendant should tie the Ruby gemstone on the arm for trial and only after that they should wear the Ruby.

Taurus Ascendant/Vrishabha Rashi

Sun is not an auspicious planet for the Taurus ascendant. Even if it is in Exaltation in the 12th House it will not give benefits as may be expected. Secondly it the enemy of the Ascendant Lord Venus. Ruby gemstones should be avoided by Taurus ascendant individuals unless Sun occupies a favorable position from the Lunar ascendant.

Gemini Ascendant/Mithuna Rashi

Ruby gem stone should be considered in the Gemini Ascendant if the Sun is placed in the 3rd house or the 11th house and the Sun Mahadasa or the Sub period is running for the individual. Also special notice should be given to the Sun-Mercury conjunction? Budh Aditya Yoga. If the Budh Aditya yoga is occurring in the ascendant, third house, 4th house and the 11th house then both emerald gemstone and Ruby gemstone be worn by the individual for special benefits.

Cancer Ascendant/Kark Rashi

In Cancer ascendant Sun becomes the wealth-controlling planet. The best position for Surya/Sun  in this ascendant would be in the 10th house. If such a combination is occurring in the chart then Ruby gem stone should be worn. Sunís placement in the 9th house, 5th house will also be conducive for wearing a Ruby/Manik.

Leo Ascendant/Simha Rashi

Sun becomes the ascendant Lord and hence is very auspicious. Sun placed in the Ascendant, 9th house, 5th house and 11th house will bring good benefits if a Ruby gemstone is worn. Individuals who are having the placement of Sun as described earlier should wear a Ruby gemstone for life. Placement of the Sun in the 3rd and the 6th house should be considered only during major period and sub periods.

Virgo Ascendant/Kanya Rashi

Individuals with Virgo ascendant should never try a Ruby gem stone except under he guidance of a competent Astrologer. The Sun here becomes the Lord of the 12th house and the Sign of Exaltation is occurring in the 8th house. Although a Vipareeta Raja Yoga is caused still Ruby gemstone should be avoided. Whatever results the Sun has to give due to its exaltation it will give itself. There is no need to increase its power by wearing a Ruby/Manika.

Libra Ascendant/Tula Rashi

Libra Ascendant individuals should first see the position of Saturn and Venus. If these two are not well placed only then Sunís position be analyzed for the purpose of Gemstone wearing. Also If the Sun major period is running then Ruby gemstones can be considered. Sun in 11th house, 2nd house and 7th house can be considered.

Scorpio Ascendant/Vrischika Rashi

Sun is an auspicious planet for Scorpio Ascendant. It owns the 10th quadrant of Profession and is the friend of the Ascendant Lord. Individuals whose Sun is placed in the 10th House, 5th house, 9th house, 6th house should wear a Ruby gemstone.

Sagittarius Ascendant/Dhanu Rashi

Sun/Surya becomes a auspicious planet for this auspicious ascendant ruled by Devguru Brihaspati. Individuals who are having Sun in the 5th house, 9th house or the ascendant should wear a Ruby/Manik for life. Sunís placement in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 10th houses should only be considered during Sun period. Sunís placement in the 6th, 8th and 11th houses should be avoided completely.

Capricorn Ascendant/Makar Rashi

Sunís gemstone should be completely avoided. Firstly it owns the 8th house of losses and accidents and secondly it is the enemy of the Ascendant Lord. Sun Saturn enmity is legendary. Sun is best pacified here by giving arghya or by Surya Namaskar. Sunís placement in 4th, 3rd house can be considered for those who have interest in Occult, alternative medicine, Hatha Yoga or Teevra Sadhanas

Aquarius Ascendant/Kumbha Rashi

During Sun Mahadasa Ruby gemstone/Ruby birth stone be considered only when Sun is placed in 3rd, 7th, 10th or 11th house. First see the position of Venus.

Pisces Ascendant/Meena Rashi

Ruby gemstone should be considered if Sun is placed in its own sign in the 6th house or in the second house of wealth in exaltation. In rest of the positions it is not necessary to wear a Ruby gemstone.

When to Wear Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstones/Ruby birthstones should be worn on Sunday in Pushya Nakshatra. Other constellations auspicious for wearing a Ruby gemstone are Krittika, Uttraphalguni and Uttrashada. The Ruby gem stone should be worn in Gold or copper in the ring finger after Prana Pratishtha as the Sun line is found on the mount of Sun located just below the ring finger on the palm.

If due to some reason these constellations are not available and it is important to wear the Ruby gem stone then use any Shukla Paksha Sunday and wear it in the Hora of the Sun.

The Ruby gemstone is a very auspicious stone and if it suits an individual it gives special position in life. The individual always shines like the divine Surya himself. It is an excellent stone for Government workers, Leaders and Statesmen, Contractors and Healers. Ruby healing properties includes individual getting blessed with good health, eyesight, blood circulation and a Glowing complexion.

Those individuals in whoís chart Sun is not well placed and is giving bad results in the Mahadasa or the Antradasha should donate wheat on Sundays, perform Surya Namaskara, Chant the Surya Gayatri, Recite sage Agasthiyaís Aditya Hridya Stotra and Give Arghya to the Sun God. This will ensure peace and Prosperity.

Caution: Those who wear ruby gemstone should not wear a Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Gomedh along with it.

- Guruji Shrii Arnav
Vedic Guru, Chief Consultant

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