The Dreaded Sade Sathi - Saturn's 7 and a half year cycle

Saturn/Shani Dev - Most dreaded of all planets

Saturn's Seven and a Half Year cycle also known as Sade Sathi is one of the toughest periods in an individual's life. It is important to understand this life changing cycle to adjust to adverse conditions successfully.

Perhaps the most maligned of all planets is Saturn or Shani. It's mention evokes fear in the hearts of even the most valorous. It is generally associated with cruelty, theft, murder, pain and disease.

One should not go on hear say and try to interpret things logically. It is very important to understand  Saturn's character and its role in this Divine world. If Sun is the King of all planets Saturn is the Judgment giver. He is the hard task master. It makes one pay for one's wrong deeds.

Krishna says in the Geeta that the fruit of all deeds done are obtained in this life itself. Saturn performs exactly the same function. The phenomena that most people dread is the Seven and a half year cycle often referred to as Sade Sathi. The Sade Sathi is explained over here in detail.

!!!! Om Sham Shaneshray Namah-Laghu Shani Mantra !!!!

The Seven and a half year cycle of Saturn:

This cycle starts in a man's life when Saturn enters by transit the 12th sign from the Moon after birth and lasts till he leaves the second sign from the moon.

Saturn remains in each sign for normally two and a half years hence for three signs the years are added and the complete period comes to Seven and a half Years. For example if a native is Gemini by birth then his/hers cycle will start when Saturn will enter Taurus in the Zodiac and end when Saturn will leave Cancer. These seven and a half years are like going to the "university of hard knocks", during this period Saturn irons out the defects in a human being making one more spiritual, humble, kind and pragmatic

The cycle is of 2700 days. Saturn exercises its influence on various parts of the body during these 2700 days.

The Exact Break Up of Saturn Cycle:
Period Saturnine influence on Body Part Results of Saturnine influence
For the first 100 days Face Losses in Business/Profession, Gastric troubles, dullness, domestic disharmony
For the next 400 days Right arm Gains in profession. Increase of beneficial contacts
For the next 600 days Legs Journeys and Travel
For the next 500 days Stomach Good Fortune
For the next 400 days Left Arm Diseases (Nervous anxiety, complex, Gastric Diseases, Back Pain, Nerve degeneration), losses, Litigation and Court Cases, Death of loved ones.
For the next 300 days Forehead Profits, Success in dealing with Government agencies
For the next 200 days Eyes Progress, Happiness
For the next 200 days Lower half of the body Bad results accrue from all sides

!!!! Om Praam Preem Proum Sah Shaneshray Namah-Tantrik Shani Beej Mantra !!!!

Saturn Transit 2014-2017 / Shani Transit 2014-2017 / Saturn Transit in Scorpio / Sade Sathi 2014-2017

When is the Saturn Transit happening in 2014? What is Saturn Transit Impact in 2015 2016
Saturn / Shani Dev enter the Sign of Scorpio on 2nd November 2014.  Saturn transited from the sign of Libra which is his state of exaltation to Scorpio - A Sign ruled by Mars and enemy of Saturn as per Vedic Astrology. Saturn will stay in Scorpio till 26th of October 2017.

The following signs will come under the influence of tough Saturnine influence:  

Sign in English Sign in Hindi Stage of the Saturn Cycle Remedial Measures
Libra Tula 3rd stage of the Saturn cycle Saturn Rudraksha Pendant
Scorpio Vrishchika 2nd stage of the Saturn cycle Saturn Rudraksha Pendant
Sagittarius Dhanu 1st stage of the Saturn cycle Saturn Rudraksha Pendant
Aries Mesha Dhaiyya (Saturn 8th to moon sign) Saturn Rudraksha Pendant
Leo Simha Dhaiyya (Saturn 4th to moon sign) Saturn Rudraksha Pendant

  !!!! Krishna, Konastha, Vabhru, Shani, Mand, Pippald, Pingalo, Shanesher, Yama, Sauri, Rodrantako are the 10 names of Saturn !!!!


These are lunar signs. Do not get worried if you see your sign mentioned here. First ascertain your sign according to  Lunar Chart

Solar signs may differ from lunar signs for an individual native. Explore the pages that explain in detail the character of the Great Shani and the remedial measures for this phenomenon. Performing this phenomenon. Performing phenomenon. Performing remedial measures with faith and devotion yield beneficial effects during adverse Saturn Periods.

!!! Narbhavi (Good has to happen) !!!