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Neelam - The Blue Sapphire - Saturn's Gemstone

The Strongest and the fastest acting gemstone among the nine planetary gemstones is Saturn's stone - Neelam (Blue Sapphire). It is also called Sauri ratna (Saturn's stone), Shanipriya (loved by Saturn). It is called Yakut in Persian.

  • Where it is Found:

  • It is found in Kashmir, Lanka, Russia, America etc. The best Sapphires are found in Lanka.There is a mine near Soomjam in Kashmir where best quality Sapphires are found. These are also called as Mayur Neelam as their color resembles the neck color of a male peacock.

  • Types:


    1. Indranil: It is dark blue in colour and resembles the color of the neck of the peacock.

    2. Jalnil: It is dark on the boundaries and light in the center.

  • Effects:

  • As mentioned before it is the fastest acting gem stone. It will show its effect within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. If beneficial one may get money or some major problem may be solved, if adverse accidents , financial losses or quarrels will accrue during this 3 day testing period. During this period one is sure to get dreams. One should judge whether to wear it or not by the quality of the dreams. If pleasant dreams come then it means that the Sapphire will be lucky for you.

  • Benefits:

  • If the blue Sapphire suits an individual then there will be gains from all sides. It will instill clarity of thought making one disciplined. There will be windfall gains, gain of property, freedom from depression and anxiety, freedom from disease etc. In will also remove the bad effects of the Seven and a half Year Saturn Cycle. It is the best panacea for depressive psychosis, frustration and alcoholism.

Suitability of Wearing a Blue Sapphire for various Ascendants:

Ascendant Indication for wearing the blue Sapphire
Aries Saturn placed in 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 houses; running the major period of Saturn
Taurus Saturn placed in its own star or the north nodes Star. Very suitable for this ascendant
Gemini Saturn in debilitation or weak. Running the major period of Saturn
Cancer Should not be even tried by this ascendant
Leo Should not be even tried by this ascendant
Virgo Saturn placed in its own sign; Running the major period of Saturn
Libra Saturn placed in 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 houses; Running the major period of Saturn
Sagittarius Saturn placed in its own sign
Scorpio Saturn placed in its own sign; Running the major period of Saturn
Capricorn Saturn placed in mercury's star, ketu' star or its own star
Aquarius Saturn placed in mercury's or Ketu's star
Pisces Should not be even tried by this ascendant

  • Caution:

  • Due caution should be taken before wearing this gem. Also if you are wearing this gem then do not wear pearl, ruby or coral along with it.