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  1. The Astromandir Blog: The Astro Journey Blog. Contains important astrological data and important events analyzed from an astrological perspective. Visit the Astro Journey Blog to get auspicious and potent time frames calculated for important events, festivals according to electional Astrology. Also discussed are subtle aspects of Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Yoga, Vedas etc.

  2. Sri Yantra - A mathematical approach

  3. Sri Yantra - Excellent Information

  4. Oregon Sri Yantra

  5. Planetary Gemologists Association - Research Association and Articles

  6. Pranayama and Development of Human Magnetism

  7. Jyotish Vidya

  8. Gemstoneuniverse-The Global online resource of Fine,Natural, Government Appraised precious Jyotish Gemstones!